Women’s Western Clothing Wholesale Buying Guide for Mumbai, India

This guide is written by a clothing manufacturer and wholesaler. The reason it is stated in the beginning is for reader to understand it try to solve real problem and is not here for SEO purposes. The tips in the article might be difficult to follow but that is how real business is. I will try to share the most practical tips to make your wholesale purchase easier and more profitable.

Women’s Clothing Manufacturer and Wholesalers are spread all over India. If we talk about knitted garments Ludhiana is way ahead then most of places, followed by Tirupur which leads in hosiery garments, Surat’s speciality is synthetic fabrics like crepe, georgette, chiffon, etc and so are the garments produced in Surat. Jaipur’s expertise reflects in its block printed wrap around skits and kurti’s.

Kolkatta is a good place for buying imported garments, sources suggest that most of the garments imported in India comes through Kolkatta, especially from Thailand. Lucknow leads in threaded handwork Kurti’s, chikankari as it is more commonly called here.

More focus is on Mumbai as the writer belongs here, we will try to cover other cities in detail in other wholesale buying guides.

Mumbai has got many wholesale women’s clothing market. Chakala in south Mumbai is known for cheaper quality hosiery garments which is brought mostly from south India, namely Coimbatore and Tirupur. This market caters to Janta Bazar type segment, these market is flocked by customers from tier 3 and 4 towns and district level markets. Another item which is sold here is good quality underwear, trust their rates are cheapest you can find anywhere in Mumbai, sometimes its difficult to get these rates anywhere in India.

Coming a little North of Mumbai is a busy business place called Dadar. Dadar West, Tulsi Pipe road has many buildings housing women’s clothing wholesalers. Ram Gopal Industrial estate and surrounding places manufacturers and sell high quality and pricey items. Many known brands have workshops here. If you head north a little more and come near Dadar station, there is Manish Market, it is slightly better then Chakala in terms of quality. North of Dadar station vehicular bridge has many commercial building behind the Sabzi (Dadar Vegetable market) market which sells local garments suitable for towns and villages garments.

Once we cover Central Mumbai Western Line and proceed to Bandra. One good market is Ghaas Bazar, its on the east side of Bandra Station, right in the slums running parallel to local train tracks. Right in the slums is this market located, hosting many small time trader and manufacturer. Here you can find most of the women’s western apparel items, some are made and here some are made in other slums of Mumbai and brought here for selling. Some of the traders have also started importing garments from China and Thailand and wholesaling here. If you intend to go here don’t forget to take jumbo size handkerchiefs and watch your head all along with your steps as the entire market is in these narrow dingy lanes with over flowing gutters, you can witness the contrast of Mumbai in its true sense.

Moving swiftly ahead, you come to Khar West, some people also call is Juna Khar Market, or Kapda Market. Its situated in middle of S V Road and Linking Road on old Khar Junction. Khar market starts from the shop name Leelan on SV Road and goes till KFC on Linking Road. It has some of the finest women’s clothing manufacturer and wholesalers in India. Though most of the shops here are traders, buying their clothing from various places in Mumbai/ India and resell here at competitive rates, you will also be able to find garment importers here. The stock are imported from Bangkok and Guangzhou and sold here. If you happen to visit this market drop by at Leelan, they have been manufacturing women’s apparel from 1984, business for them is more then making money. Buying from Leelan give you assurances of no-clidlabor and good working condition for its employee. Plus their products comes with guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Moving swiftly on, we come to Khotwadi another hub for clothing dealers, this market lays on SV Road, Opp. Khira Nagar. Items sold here are mostly manufactured in Bharat Nagar and Dharavi. These guys mostly do synthetic clothing for women’s. Double check the prices before making the purchase decision.

Some of the other parts of Mumbai also house ladies garments wholesalers in tiny numbers, like Malad Malvani, Pathanwadi, Kurla, Sion, Wadala, etc.

If you intend to buy women’s western clothing in bulk (for the purpose of reselling), email me at sales@leelan.com I will be able to help you with accurate details.