About Us

About Leelan.com

We hail from a background that has been in the business of textile weaving for generations and we have inherited the art of manufacturing from our ancestors.

Leelan manufactures & sells western women’s clothing for the last 30 years. Our line of business includes both wholesale and retail.

Leelan.com was founded with the vision to make women’s fashion apparel easily accessible throughout.  In order to make this possible, we tied up major logistics service providers for timely deliveries even in remote areas.

Our mission is to make cloth for half of the world population, that is Women.

As manufacturers we are dedicated towards producing quality products and we constantly thrive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Every product which is manufactured by us and delivered to you, goes through a series of quality checks to make sure that you have no remorse at all after it reaches your doorstep.

Considering the difficulties experienced by shoppers in selecting and ordering a perfect garment online, we designed our website in such a manner that you will never have to worry about the colour & size fit issues again.

Leelan.com is committed towards making your shopping experience online rich, easy and pocket friendly.