Women’s Tops Wholesale Buying Guide

Women’s Tops is the most shopped category. Women love changing the top daily, they end up pairing tops with most to the bottoms they have. A top can be paired with a casual jean, pant, skirt and some time with Palazzo. Ladies tops comes in unlimited variety, with unlimited I mean a gazillion different patterns, colors, cuts, sleeve, prints, fabric, etc. Since this is a wholesale buying guide for women’s western tops, we will focus on types of tops and most importantly, where to procure it from for easier and profitable reselling, fabrics which are in now and suitable for the Indian skin type.

Types of Women’s tops-

  1. T-shirts- this are the most common, they are made with knitted or hosiery fabric. Mostly t-shirts come in round neck, v neck and nowadays boat necks. Sleeve can vary from sleeveless to batwing, quarter sleeve, full sleeve, frill sleeve. In India and wordwide the most common material in which t-shirt is made is a fabric called sinker, it is cotton hosiery fabric, some manufacturer add spandex/lycra to it making it more elastic so it fits properly. Another fabric is viscose with lycra which is again a natural fibre and is very suitable to humid climate in India. If you are looking to buy t-shirts in bulk say 10k units and above look no further then Tirupur but if the quantity is less it can be easily made in a factory which is equipped with overlock and flat lock machines.
  2. Crop tops- again these are sometime a variant of a t-shirt, the distinguishing feature of this is it’s short, as it will just cover the chest or at the most will be above navel. It can also be made in synthetic fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe, satin, etc depending upon the pattern. Khar market in Mumbai is the right place to find high fashion women’s western clothing in wholesale.
  3. Blouses- these are tops in non-hosiery fabrics. Mostly non-stretchable, textile fabric. These tops are mostly used as formal wear for offices and with different cuts it can become party wear clothing. Blouses come in different sleeve & neck type. If you are looking to buy high quality blouses come to Khar otherwise look for it in Khotwadi or Ghaas Bazar.
  4. Tank tops- tanks tops are singlet like tops in hosiery stretchable fabric mostly body hugging. It is usually worn as causal clothing. This tops are available mostly everywhere and can come at cost below INR150 in wholesale.


Since India has many weather and one of the most important feature of clothing is to protect the wearer from harmful effects of unsuitable climate, fabrics keeps changing according to seasons in India. Knitted / woven garments work in North India in winter seasons. Cotton/ viscose blends in textile and hosiery rule in summer and in rainy seasons synthetic works well because of its quality o quick drying.

Price range-

  1. Hosiery tops wholesale price will mostly be the cheapest. Mostly INR140-220 Mumbai made. Tirupur made should cost between INR90-160.
  2. Crop tops in wholesale price range should be between INR80 – 140.
  3. Blouses are something whose price range will be difficult to say upfront because the price varies depending upon the cloth, textile has such huge variety that it is difficult to guess the prices. Though decent quality women’s blouses (fancy tops) should cost in price range of anywhere from INR200-450. It will also vary from market to market.
  4. Tanks tops wholesale price shouldn’t go beyond INR100.

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Note- always try to buy clothing from manufacturer, because you will save the traders margin. Like everything has a positive and negative. Manufacturer won’t be able to give you loads of variety, try to find as many manufacturer as possible and if you come across traders who claim to be manufacturer request them for a factory tour, reality will dawn itself.